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Let There Be Growth Ultimate Moisturizing Kit


Let There Be Growth Ultimate Moisturizing Kit (For All Ages & Textures)

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The Growology Family is dedicated to helping each of our customers reach their healthy Hair & Growth Goals while including only wholesome ingredients into each bottle that are safe for adults and children alike. Therefore, it is our pledge that our high-quality products will never contain any of the following: No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum, No Parabens, No Silicones, No Sulfates



Let There Be Growth!

Jump Start your healthy growth journey with the Ultimate Moisturizing Kit! Dry hair is unhealthy hair, and ultimately leads to broken & damaged strands. Each product in this kit was created specifically to eliminate dryness and give you seriously moisturized strands that grow beyond your belief! Each product is infused with superior moisturizing agents as well as active Natural Growth Solutions that will take your hair growth journey to the next level! 

What you get: 

  1. Let There Be Growth Shampoo (S23.99); Moisturizing & detangling shampoo infused with active Natural Growth Solutions for the ultimate shampooing experience! No Sulfates, Non-drying, Non-stripping formula! Safe for All Ages.
  2. Let There Be Growth Conditioner (23.99); Moisturizing & detangling conditioner infused with active Natural Growth Solutions. Use as a leave-in, rinse-out, deep conditioner, pre-poo, or co-wash! Safe for All Ages.
  3. Let There Be Growth Daily Moisturizer (21.99); Say BYE to dull, dry hair and hello to hydrated, bouncy hair that’s full of life and shine. This formula is infused with active Natural Growth Solutions and gentle enough for every day use. Safe for All Ages.
  4. Let There Be Growth Moisturizer Spray (21.99);This light-weight moisturizing solutions is great to apply to wet hair as a leave in or to dry hair to re-moisturize in-between wash days. Infused with out active Natural Growth Solutions, you can spray it directly on the scalp to hydrate and increase hair growth. Great for loose styles, protective styles or Locs. Safe for All Ages.
  5. Let There Be Growth Styling Butter Cream (24.99);This creamy styler is infused with Shea Butter and superior penetrating oils to provide softness, moisture, definition, and sealing power. Infused with active Natural Growth Solutions & pairs great with our Styling Gel to achieve versatile styling with great hold. Safe for All Ages. 
  6. Let There Be Growth Seal & Shine Oil (16.99); This light-weight oil helps keep your hair moisturized longer by sealing and locking in the moisture from our Conditioner, Moisturizer Spray, and/or Daily Moisturizer. Infused with active Natural Growth Solutions, it helps achieve high shine & length retention without the greasy feeling of most oils. Safe for All Ages. 


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